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Employment Agency Innovator was founded 35 years ago by Ekrem Ciftci. Ekrem started as an employee in the greenhouses. He did not only do a good job there, but he also brought new staff to his employer through his circle of acquaintances. These additional services led to the start of the employment agency, where his former employer became a client. After his first client, the employment agency has grown consistent over the years and Ekrem grew his network of partners. After being the driving force behind the employment agency for more than 30 years, Ekrem passed the company in 2011 to his eldest son, Agit Ciftci which in his turn passed over the company to Feyzullah Ciftci in 2015. Although Ekrem is still present in the workplace, Feyzullah determinates the course of the employment agency nowadays.

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Ekrem Ciftci


These days you can find me at our partner’s workplaces. Here I have a coordinating role and I share my experience with new employees. I’m also the main contact person for our employees.

You can reach me personally at +31 6 12 475 687.