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When you need extra staff, it is important that they pick up the proceedings quickly. There is a lot of work to do, so you want to minimize the time spent controlling new staff members. Our staff has gained extensive experience at the workplace of our partners and is familiar with most of the work in the greenhouses. When the proceedings are unfamiliar to our staff, Ekrem (former owner) or Agit (manager) will accompany them to ensure a fast learning curve.

We have extensive working experience in the following areas

Specific knowledge

Because of the low attrition rate, our staff has the opportunity to build experience at our partners. At the right you will find the five areas in which we have the most experience. Besides these specialties, we also deliver staff for other types of work.

Two of our partners grow roses. Here we mainly cut, maintain and pack the Red Naomi Rose.


Our staff has worked at one of the largest Gerbera Greenhouses in the Netherlands. Here we are mainly potting the Gerbera’s.


A part of our workforce has experience with growing carnations, especially the packing of the carnations.

Potted plants

Besides our experience with Gerbera’s, we are also familiair with the production of other types of potted plants.

Demolition of crops

Our staff is also readily able to assist in the demolition of crops. In particular, the demolition of roses.

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