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Rodenburg Roses

Rodenburg gevel

Rodenburg Roses is a high quality rose grower. They have grown the Red Naomi Rose here since 2012. This rose is the most important red rose from the top segment that grows in the Netherlands.

Rodenburg Roses is a partner of Employment Agengy Innovator for almost 20 years.

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How do I describe Employment Agency Innovator?
  1. 1) Reliable
  2. 2) Motivated
  3. 3) 24/7 service
  4. 4) Always capable of solving problems
  5. 5) Experienced workforce

Freek van der Velden


Plantation Freek van der Velden has always grown roses until 1995, when they switched to Gerberas. In 2003 they built a new ultra-modern plantation in Delfgauw, where the Gerberas are potted and planted nowadays.

Web: www.freekvandervelden.nl

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Innovator is a certified, trustworthy company. They have a pleasant way of doing business, are flexible and, if necessary, can provide additional workforce at a moments notice. They will always search for a solution when you have a problem. The communication is good and you can always reach them.

JC Rodenburg Rozen

Klant Innovator 

Jan Rodenburg grows the Red Naomi Rose, just like his brother. For this partner we mainly take care of the cutting, maintenance and packaging of the roses. We also prepare the roses for sale.

JC Rodenburg Rozen is also a partner of Employment Agency Innovator for 20 years.

Reference JC Rodenburg Rozen
A reliable employment agency for many years, that provides experienced staff.  They are also good attainable when a problem occurs.