Employment Agency Innovator

At Employment Agency Innovator, our staff is our business card. We believe that you, as a hirer, benefit from the years of experience that our staff has within the field, with a specialty in roses, carnations, gerberas, potted plants and crops demolition. A part of our workforce has a permanent contract and has between 3 and 10 years of experience within the field. This ensures that your new staff only needs little additional training which results in a low attrition rate.

Experienced staff

A large majority of our staff has worked for us for many years. This reduces exposure time, creates a better work atmosphere and a results in a low attrition rate. We do not believe that people make the difference, we believe that the right people do!

Agreement = agreement

Working efficiently starts with a partner who keeps his promises. If you are in need of additional staff, or when there arises a situation on the workplace, you can rely on Employement Agency Innovator to quickly provide a suitable solution.

Specific knowledge

Our staff works for hirers throughout the whole Netherlands. Through years of relationships with these partners, we did get extensive experience with roses, carnations, gerberas, potted plants and crops demolishes.